We are partner of the sustainability initiative Blue Competence. Blue Competence ( is an initiative of VDMA (, to support sustainability in mechanical engineering and equipment as well as to inform the industry about sustainable solutions. According to our partnership we obligate ourselves to meet the 12 guidelines of sustainability in mechanical engineering and equipment.


What is Blue Competence?

Blue Competence – these are the technologies and processes of mechanical and plant engineering which, for example, consume a minimum amount of energy while delivering maximum productivity, preserve our resources, reduce emissions to a minimum or improve people's living conditions in a sustainable way.

Blue Competence establishes network links for the mechanical engineering industry in the area of sustainability and pools the resources, know-how and strengths of the German Engineering Federation VDMA, the largest engineering industry network in Europe. The various trade associations of the VDMA and other organisations in the mechanical and plant engineering sector work together within this collective body. Furthermore, individual companies and institutions can also get involved with the initiative – provided they help to achieve the aims of Blue Competence.

How Blue Competence makes the world more sustainable

The participating companies publish their individual articles and solutions regarding the key questions of our time, accompanied and supported by the communication measures of the overall and professional associations. For this purpose, Blue Competence defines well-founded sustainability criteria and standards which all companies participating in the initiative endorse. The initiative thus ensures greater transparency, simplifies orientation and provides security to all those seeking sustainable solutions and products or companies operating sustainably. By using the trademark “Blue Competence”, all partners commit themselves to these twelve sustainability guidelines of the mechanical engineering industry.

On the VDMA publishes detailed information on the participating professional associations and companies, as well as standpoints and positions which are significant for the implementation of sustainable business, ecological and societal solutions.